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Release MH-E version 8.4.

* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for MH-E release 8.4.
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2012-11-25 Bill Wohler <>
Release MH-E version 8.4.
* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for MH-E release 8.4.
2012-11-22 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Document Calc changes for Gregorian calendar (Bug#12633).
......@@ -3,6 +3,68 @@
Copyright (C) 2001-2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end of the file for license conditions.
* Changes in MH-E 8.4
Version 8.4 postpones junk processing and merges in your components
file when re-editing a draft. A few bugs were also fixed.
** New Features in MH-E 8.4
*** Postpone junk processing
The `J w' (`mh-junk-whitelist') and `J b' (`mh-junk-blacklist')
commands now mark the message. Like with other marks, this mark can be
removed with `u' (`mh-undo') and processed with `x'
(`mh-execute-commands'). Thanks to Ted Phelps (closes SF #2945712).
** New Variables in MH-E 8.4
*** mh-blacklist-msg-hook
Hook run by `J b' (`mh-junk-blacklist') after marking each message for blacklisting.
*** mh-whitelist-msg-hook
Hook run by `J w' (`mh-junk-whitelist') after marking each message for whitelisting.
*** mh-whitelist-preserves-sequences-flag
Non-nil means that sequences are preserved when messages are
** New Faces in MH-E 8.4
*** mh-folder-blacklisted
Blacklisted message face.
*** mh-folder-whitelisted
Whitelisted message face.
** Bug Fixes in MH-E 8.4
*** mh-edit-again should add Fcc
More generally, `mh-edit-again' now merges the components file into
the draft (closes SF #1708292).
*** Loses changes when message column goes from 1 to 2 digits
Call `mh-process-or-undo-commands' before running inc to insure we do
not lose any pending changes (closes SF #2321115).
*** mh-yank-cur-msg fails in emacs 23
Replace usage of `set-buffer' with `with-current-buffer' (closes SF
*** Folder pack action (Fp) missing in show mode
Add missing key binding for `mh-show-pack-folder' (closes SF #3466086).
* Changes in MH-E 8.3.1
This version of MH-E fixes typos in the documentation and is packaged
......@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@ Nil, the default value, means to always use the Gregorian calendar.
The value (YEAR MONTH DAY) means to start using the Gregorian calendar
on the given date.
** MH-E has been updated to MH-E version 8.4.
See MH-E-NEWS for details.
** New function `ses-rename-cell' to give SES cells arbitrary names.
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