Commit 68330491 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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*** empty log message ***

parent 62bfe0fc
2004-06-05 Kenichi Handa <>
* (leim-list.el): Depends on leim-ext.el. Appends
the contents off leim-ext.el to leim-list.el.
* (leim-list.el): Depend on leim-ext.el. Append the
contents of leim-ext.el to leim-list.el.
* leim-ext.el: New file.
......@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; Makefile in this directory appends the contents of this file (only
;; such non-empty lines that doesn't begin with ';') to the generated
;; leim-list.el.
;; such non-empty lines that don't begin with ';') to the generated
;; file leim-list.el.
;;; Code:
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