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Changes for ins/del in repeat.

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......@@ -177,10 +177,10 @@ Some country.}
See also @b{_other work_} for more information.
Numbers: count to three below
@b{[INS]} @b{[DEL]} @i{One}
@b{[INS]} @b{[DEL]} @i{Eh, two?}
@b{[INS]} @b{[DEL]} @i{Five!}
@b{+/-} @i{One}
@b{+/-} @i{Eh, two?}
@b{+/-} @i{Five!}
Select multiple:
......@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@ When you invoke one of these buttons, you will be asked to choose
between a number of different options. This is how you edit an option
field. Option fields are created by the @code{menu-choice} widget. In
the example, @samp{@b{Choose}} is an option field tag.
@item The @samp{@b{[INS]}} and @samp{@b{[DEL]}} buttons
@item The @samp{@b{+/-}} buttons
Activating these will insert or delete elements from an editable list.
The list is created by the @code{editable-list} widget.
@cindex embedded buttons
......@@ -1103,16 +1103,18 @@ The following @samp{%} escapes are available:
@item %v
This will be replaced with the buffer representation of the @var{type}
@item %-
Insert the @b{+/-} button.
@item %i
Insert the @b{[INS]} button.
Insert the @b{+} button at the end of a list.
@item %d
Insert the @b{[DEL]} button.
@item %%
Insert a literal @samp{%}.
@end table
@vindex insert-button-args@r{ keyword}
@item :insert-button-args
@vindex insert/delete-button-args@r{ keyword}
@item :insert/delete-button-args
A list of keyword arguments to pass to the insert buttons.
@vindex delete-button-args@r{ keyword}
......@@ -1709,12 +1711,6 @@ This is only meaningful for radio buttons or checkboxes in a list.
It should be possible to add or remove items from a list with @kbd{C-k}
and @kbd{C-o} (suggested by @sc{rms}).
The @samp{[INS]} and @samp{[DEL]} buttons should be replaced by a single
dash (@samp{-}). The dash should be a button that, when invoked, asks
whether you want to add or delete an item (@sc{rms} wanted to git rid of
the ugly buttons, the dash is my idea).
The @code{menu-choice} tag should be prettier, something like the abbreviated
menus in Open Look.
......@@ -1735,12 +1731,6 @@ Find a way to disable mouse highlight for inactive widgets.
Find a way to make glyphs look inactive.
Add @code{property-list} widget.
Add @code{association-list} widget.
Add @code{key-binding} widget.
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