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......@@ -3358,6 +3358,10 @@ the command `undefined'. (In earlier Emacs versions, it used
** Support for Mocklisp has been removed.
** The variable `memory-full' now remains t until
there is no longer a shortage of memory.
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 22.1
2005-10-29 Richard M. Stallman <>
* replace.el (occur-mode-mouse-goto): Always go to other window.
(occur-mode-goto-occurrence): Always switch in same window.
* simple.el (undo): Display message at end, not at start.
* emacs-lisp/timer.el (timer-activate, timer-activate-when-idle):
(cancel-timer-internal): New function.
(timer-event-handler): Use cancel-timer-internal,
and pass the cell it returns to timer-activate...
* jit-lock.el (jit-lock-function, jit-lock-stealth-fontify)
(jit-lock-deferred-fontify, jit-lock-context-fontify)
(jit-lock-after-change): Test memory-full.
2005-10-29 Roland Winkler <>
* textmodes/conf-mode.el (conf-assignment-sign)
2005-10-29 Richard M. Stallman <>
* internals.texi (Garbage Collection): Document memory-full.
2005-10-28 Bill Wohler <>
* tips.texi (Documentation Tips): Help mode now creates hyperlinks
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@
Don't bother munging text props on a null string.
Delete obsolete elts from mode_line_proptrans_alist.
(decode_mode_spec): Test Vmemory_full, not spare_memory.
(Fformat_mode_line): Clear mode_line_proptrans_alist after saving.
* lisp.h (memory_full_cons_threshold): Declared.
(internal_lisp_condition_case): Declared.
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