Commit 6873cfa3 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Fprevious_single_property_change): Check for null interval after correcting

for edge effects.
parent 1105ff20
......@@ -763,13 +763,14 @@ back past position LIMIT; return LIMIT if nothing is found until LIMIT.")
i = validate_interval_range (object, &pos, &pos, soft);
return limit;
/* Start with the interval containing the char before point. */
if (i->position == XFASTINT (pos))
if (! NULL_INTERVAL_P (i) && i->position == XFASTINT (pos))
i = previous_interval (i);
return limit;
here_val = textget (i->plist, prop);
previous = previous_interval (i);
while (! NULL_INTERVAL_P (previous)
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