Commit 68a97335 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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Make sure that all the display faces use fonts of the

	same dimensions as the default face, so as not to confuse the rest
	of the redisplay code.
	* xfaces.c (same_size_fonts): New function.
	(merge_faces): Only merge in a new font from the FROM face if it
	is the same size as the font in the TO face.
parent decb54c6
......@@ -420,7 +420,12 @@ unload_color (f, pixel)
/* Initializing face arrays for frames. */
/* Set up faces 0 and 1 based on the normal text and modeline GC's. */
/* Set up faces 0 and 1 based on the normal text and modeline GC's.
This gets called whenever the parameters stored in the frame itself
(i.e. font, background color, etcetera) change.
Note that the first two faces just contain references to the
frame's own resources. We shouldn't free them. */
init_frame_faces (f)
struct frame *f;
......@@ -547,16 +552,32 @@ ensure_face_ready (f, id)
/* Computing faces appropriate for a given piece of text in a buffer. */
/* Return non-zero if FONT1 and FONT2 have the same size bounding box.
We assume that they're both character-cell fonts. */
static int
same_size_fonts (font1, font2)
XFontStruct *font1, *font2;
XCharStruct *bounds1 = font1->min_bounds;
XCharStruct *bounds2 = font2->min_bounds;
return (bounds1->width == bounds2->width
&& bounds1->ascent == bounds2->ascent
&& bounds1->descent == bounds2->descent);
/* Modify face TO by copying from FROM all properties which have
nondefault settings. */
static void
merge_faces (from, to)
struct face *from, *to;
if (from->font != (XFontStruct *)FACE_DEFAULT)
to->font = from->font;
/* Only merge the font if it's the same size as the base font. */
if (from->font != (XFontStruct *) FACE_DEFAULT
&& ! from->font->per_char
&& same_size_fonts (from->font, to->font))
to->font = from->font;
if (from->foreground != FACE_DEFAULT)
to->foreground = from->foreground;
if (from->background != FACE_DEFAULT)
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