Commit 68afa9ca authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* pop.c: Undo previous change.

parent c7b7425e
2011-04-16 Paul Eggert <>
* pop.c (socket_connection): Double-cast to avoid GCC warning
about alignment.
* movemail.c (mail_spool_name): Protoize.
(main): Remove unused var. Mark var as initialized.
Move locals to avoid shadowing, and use time_t for times.
......@@ -1091,8 +1091,7 @@ socket_connection (char *host, int flags)
if (it->ai_addrlen == sizeof (addr))
struct sockaddr_in *in_a =
(struct sockaddr_in *) (void *) it->ai_addr;
struct sockaddr_in *in_a = (struct sockaddr_in *) it->ai_addr;
memcpy (&addr.sin_addr, &in_a->sin_addr, sizeof (addr.sin_addr));
if (! connect (sock, (struct sockaddr *) &addr, sizeof (addr)))
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