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* etc/NEWS: Small calc edits.

In general, it is not necessary for NEWS to repeat information from an
option's doc-string.  All NEWS really has to do is advertise that the
option exists.
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......@@ -378,18 +378,18 @@ and `calendar-month-header'.
** Calc
*** Calc by default now uses the Gregorian calendar for all dates, and
uses January 1, 1 AD as its day number 1. Previously Calc used the
Julian calendar for dates before September 14, 1752, and it used
December 31, 1 BC as its day number 1; the new scheme is more
consistent with Calendar's calendrical system and day numbering.
*** The new variable `calc-gregorian-switch' lets you configure the
date when Calc switches from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.
Nil, the default value, means to always use the Gregorian calendar.
The value (YEAR MONTH DAY) means to start using the Gregorian calendar
on the given date.
*** The new option `calc-gregorian-switch' lets you configure if
(and when) Calc switches from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.
*** Support for ISO 8601 dates.
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