Commit 68fe2e0f authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(tty-standard-colors): Reverse the order of colors.

(tty-register-default-colors): New function;
code moved from startup.el's command-line.
parent f5e4bd09
......@@ -741,14 +741,14 @@
"An alist of X color names and associated 8-bit RGB values.")
(defvar tty-standard-colors
'(("white" 7 65535 65535 65535)
("cyan" 6 0 65535 65535)
("magenta" 5 65535 0 65535)
("blue" 4 0 0 65535)
("yellow" 3 65535 65535 0)
("green" 2 0 65535 0)
'(("black" 0 0 0 0)
("red" 1 65535 0 0)
("black" 0 0 0 0))
("green" 2 0 65535 0)
("yellow" 3 65535 65535 0)
("blue" 4 0 0 65535)
("magenta" 5 65535 0 65535)
("cyan" 6 0 65535 65535)
("white" 7 65535 65535 65535))
"An alist of 8 standard tty colors, their indices and RGB values.")
;; This is used by term.c
......@@ -784,17 +784,40 @@ color."
(defun tty-modify-color-alist (elt &optional frame)
"Put the association ELT int the alist of terminal colors for FRAME.
"Put the association ELT into the alist of terminal colors for FRAME.
ELT should be of the form \(NAME INDEX R G B\) (see `tty-color-alist'
for details).
If the association for NAME already exists in the color alist, it is
modified to specify \(INDEX R G B\) as its cdr. Otherwise, ELT is
appended to the end of the color alist.
If FRAME is unspecified or nil, it defaults to the selected frame.
Value is the modified color alist for FRAME."
(let* ((entry (assoc (car elt) (tty-color-alist frame))))
(if entry
(setcdr entry (cdr elt))
(setq tty-defined-color-alist (cons elt tty-defined-color-alist)))
;; Keep the colors in the order they are registered.
(setq entry
(list (append (list (car elt)
(cadr elt))
(copy-sequence (cddr elt)))))
(setq tty-defined-color-alist (nconc tty-defined-color-alist entry)))
(defun tty-register-default-colors ()
"Register the default set of colors for a character terminal."
(let* ((colors (cond ((eq window-system 'pc)
((eq system-type 'windows-nt)
(t tty-standard-colors)))
(color (car colors)))
(while colors
(tty-color-define (car color) (cadr color) (cddr color))
(setq colors (cdr colors) color (car colors)))
;; Modifying color mappings means realized faces don't
;; use the right colors, so clear them.
(defun tty-color-canonicalize (color)
"Return COLOR in canonical form.
A canonicalized color name is all-lower case, with any blanks removed."
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