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(Single-Byte Character Support): Reinstall the C-x 8 info.

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......@@ -1376,6 +1376,27 @@ however, on a console terminal or in @code{xterm}, you can arrange for
Meta to be converted to @kbd{ESC} and still be able type 8-bit
characters present directly on the keyboard or using @kbd{Compose} or
@kbd{AltGr} keys. @xref{User Input}.
@kindex C-x 8
@cindex @code{iso-transl} library
@cindex compose character
@cindex dead character
For Latin-1 only, you can use the key @kbd{C-x 8} as a ``compose
character'' prefix for entry of non-@acronym{ASCII} Latin-1 printing
characters. @kbd{C-x 8} is good for insertion (in the minibuffer as
well as other buffers), for searching, and in any other context where
a key sequence is allowed.
@kbd{C-x 8} works by loading the @code{iso-transl} library. Once that
library is loaded, the @key{ALT} modifier key, if the keyboard has
one, serves the same purpose as @kbd{C-x 8}: use @key{ALT} together
with an accent character to modify the following letter. In addition,
if the keyboard has keys for the Latin-1 ``dead accent characters,''
they too are defined to compose with the following character, once
@code{iso-transl} is loaded.
Use @kbd{C-x 8 C-h} to list all the available @kbd{C-x 8} translations.
@end itemize
@node Charsets
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