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Add pointer text property. Add image maps.

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......@@ -1740,6 +1740,40 @@ return value of `get-char-property' called with those arguments and
whose cdr is the overlay in which the property was found, or nil if
it was found as a text property or not found at all.
** The mouse pointer shape in void text areas (i.e. after the end of a
line or below the last line in the buffer) of the text window is now
controlled by the new variable `void-text-area-pointer'. The default
is to use the `arrow' (non-text) pointer. Other choices are `text'
(or nil), `hand', `vdrag', `hdrag', `modeline', and `hourglass'.
** The mouse pointer shape over an image can now be controlled by the
:pointer image property.
** The mouse pointer shape over ordinary text or images may now be
controlled/overriden via the `pointer' text property.
** Images may now have an associated image map via the :map property.
An image map is an alist where each element has the format (AREA ID PLIST).
An AREA is specified as either a rectangle, a circle, or a polygon:
A rectangle is a cons (rect . ((x0 . y0) . (x1 . y1))) specifying the
pixel coordinates of the upper left and bottom right corners.
A circle is a cons (circle . ((x0 . y0) . r)) specifying the center
and the radius of the circle; r may be a float or integer.
A polygon is a cons (poly . [x0 y0 x1 y1 ...]) where each pair in the
vector describes one corner in the polygon.
When the mouse pointer is above a hot-spot area of an image, the
PLIST of that hot-spot is consulted; if it contains a `help-echo'
property it defines a tool-tip for the hot-spot, and if it contains
a `pointer' property, it defines the shape of the mouse cursor when
it is over the hot-spot. See the variable 'void-area-text-pointer'
for possible pointer shapes.
When you click the mouse when the mouse pointer is over a hot-spot,
an event is composed by combining the ID of the hot-spot with the
mouse event, e.g. [area4 mouse-1] if the hot-spot's ID is `area4'.
** Mouse event enhancements:
*** Mouse clicks on fringes now generates left-fringe or right-fringes
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