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Tiny change for lispref "Reverting"

* doc/lispref/backups.texi (Reverting):
Un-duplicate revert-buffer-in-progress-p, and relocate entry.
Mention buffer-stale-function.
* doc/emacs/arevert-xtra.texi: Comment.
parent 96a72ee9
......@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@ Neither are Dired buffers for which you used shell wildcards or file
arguments to list only some of the files. @samp{*Find*} and
@samp{*Locate*} buffers do not auto-revert either.
@c FIXME? This should be in the elisp manual?
@node Supporting additional buffers
@subsection Adding Support for Auto-Reverting additional Buffers.
2012-03-02 Glenn Morris <>
* backups.texi (Reverting): Un-duplicate revert-buffer-in-progress-p,
and relocate entry. Mention buffer-stale-function.
* elisp.texi, vol1.texi, vol2.texi: Standardize some menu entries.
* hooks.texi (Standard Hooks): General update.
......@@ -699,11 +699,13 @@ operation, reverting preserves all the markers. If they are not
identical, reverting does change the buffer; in that case, it preserves
the markers in the unchanged text (if any) at the beginning and end of
the buffer. Preserving any additional markers would be problematical.
This command binds @code{revert-buffer-in-progress-p} to a
non-@code{nil} value while it operates.
@end deffn
@defvar revert-buffer-in-progress-p
@code{revert-buffer} binds this variable to a non-@code{nil} value
while it is working.
@end defvar
You can customize how @code{revert-buffer} does its work by setting
the variables described in the rest of this section.
......@@ -758,7 +760,15 @@ the modified contents---but only if @code{revert-buffer-function} is
@end defvar
@defvar revert-buffer-in-progress-p
This variable is bound to a non-@code{nil} value by
@code{revert-buffer} while it is working.
@c FIXME? Move this section from arevert-xtra to here?
@defvar buffer-stale-function
The value of this variable, if non-@code{nil}, specifies a function
to call to check whether a non-file buffer needs reverting
(@pxref{Supporting additional buffers,,, emacs-xtra, Specialized Emacs Features}).
@end iftex
(@pxref{Supporting additional buffers,,, emacs}).
@end ifnottex
@end defvar
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