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2002-09-01 Richard M. Stallman <>
* ruler-mode.el (defgroup ruler-mode): Use `convenience' as parent.
* dired.el (defgroup dired): Use `files' as parent.
(dired-get-filename): Ignore handler if it has safe-magic prop.
* jka-compr.el (jka-compr-handler): Add safe-magic property.
2002-08-31 Richard M. Stallman <>
* simple.el (kill-line): Use end-of-visible-line to determine
if rest of line is blank.
(end-of-visible-line): Cope if end-of-line moved back over
invisible intangible chars at end of line.
* simple.el (completion-setup-function): Don't use directory-sep-char.
2002-09-01 Glenn Morris <>
* progmodes/f90.el (f90-menu): Remove ":active" keyword where not
2002-09-01 Richard M. Stallman <>
* unexsol.c: New file.
* xfns.c (Qbox): Declare external, don't define.
* xdisp.c (redisplay_window) <force-start case>:
If point is on semi-visible last line, reposition
it at previous line.
* alloc.c (display_malloc_warning): Use display-warning.
(malloc_warning_1): Function deleted.
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