Commit 695cf530 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Wait for frame visibility with timeout in w32term too

* src/w32term.c (syms_of_w32term) [x-wait-for-event-timeout]: New
(x_make_frame_visible): Wait for frame to become visible according to
its value.
(input_signal_count): Remove.
parent e1f6e312
......@@ -163,10 +163,6 @@ int last_scroll_bar_drag_pos;
/* Keyboard code page - may be changed by language-change events. */
int w32_keyboard_codepage;
/* Incremented by w32_read_socket whenever it really tries to read
events. */
static int volatile input_signal_count;
#ifdef CYGWIN
int w32_message_fd = -1;
#endif /* CYGWIN */
......@@ -4658,9 +4654,6 @@ w32_read_socket (struct terminal *terminal,
block_input ();
/* So people can tell when we have read the available input. */
/* Process any incoming thread messages. */
drain_message_queue ();
......@@ -6614,7 +6607,8 @@ w32_frame_raise_lower (struct frame *f, bool raise_flag)
/* Change of visibility. */
/* This tries to wait until the frame is really visible.
/* This tries to wait until the frame is really visible, depending on
the value of Vx_visible_frame_timeout.
However, if the window manager asks the user where to position
the frame, this will return before the user finishes doing that.
The frame will not actually be visible at that time,
......@@ -6673,12 +6667,16 @@ x_make_frame_visible (struct frame *f)
if (!FLOATP (Vx_wait_for_event_timeout))
/* Synchronize to ensure Emacs knows the frame is visible
before we do anything else. We do this loop with input not blocked
so that incoming events are handled. */
Lisp_Object frame;
int count;
double timeout = XFLOAT_DATA (Vx_wait_for_event_timeout);
double start_time = XFLOAT_DATA (Ffloat_time (Qnil));
/* This must come after we set COUNT. */
unblock_input ();
......@@ -6688,8 +6686,8 @@ x_make_frame_visible (struct frame *f)
/* Wait until the frame is visible. Process X events until a
MapNotify event has been seen, or until we think we won't get a
MapNotify at all.. */
for (count = input_signal_count + 10;
input_signal_count < count && !FRAME_VISIBLE_P (f);)
while (timeout > (XFLOAT_DATA (Ffloat_time (Qnil)) - start_time) &&
/* Force processing of queued events. */
/* TODO: x_sync equivalent? */
......@@ -7321,6 +7319,17 @@ syms_of_w32term (void)
DEFSYM (Qrenamed_from, "renamed-from");
DEFSYM (Qrenamed_to, "renamed-to");
DEFVAR_LISP ("x-wait-for-event-timeout", Vx_wait_for_event_timeout,
doc: /* How long to wait for X events.
Emacs will wait up to this many seconds to receive X events after
making changes which affect the state of the graphical interface.
Under some window managers this can take an indefinite amount of time,
so it is important to limit the wait.
If set to a non-float value, there will be no wait at all. */);
Vx_wait_for_event_timeout = make_float (0.1);
DEFVAR_INT ("w32-num-mouse-buttons",
doc: /* Number of physical mouse buttons. */);
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