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(Cut/Paste Other App): Mention x-select-request-type.

parent 0cbe9c78
......@@ -224,9 +224,12 @@ for text in the cut buffer. If neither of those sources provides text
to yank, the kill ring contents are used.
The standard coding system for X Window System selections is
@code{compound-text-with-extensions}. To specify another coding
system for selections, use @kbd{C-x @key{RET} x} or @kbd{C-x @key{RET}
X}. @xref{Communication Coding}.
@code{compound-text-with-extensions}. You may find that the pasted
text is not what you expected. In such a case, you can specify
another coding system for selections by @kbd{C-x @key{RET} x} or
@kbd{C-x @key{RET} X}, or can request the different data type by
modifying the variable @code{x-select-request-type}.
@xref{Communication Coding}.
@node Word and Line Mouse
@subsection Mouse Commands for Words and Lines
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