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*** empty log message ***

parent 8828b393
......@@ -97,23 +97,12 @@ int (*set_terminal_window_hook) ();
int (*read_socket_hook) ();
/* Hook for Emacs to call to tell the window-system-specific code to
enable/disable low-level tracking. The value of ENABLE tells the
window system event handler whether it should notice or ignore
subsequent mouse movement and mouse button releases.
If this is 0, Emacs should assume that there is no mouse (or at
least no mouse tracking) available.
If called with ENABLE non-zero, the window system event handler
should call set_pointer_loc with the new mouse co-ordinates
whenever the mouse moves, and enqueue a mouse button event for
button releases as well as button presses.
If called with ENABLE zero, the window system event handler should
ignore mouse movement events, and not enqueue events for mouse
button releases. */
int (*mouse_tracking_enable_hook) ( /* int ENABLE */ );
/* Return the current position of the mouse. This should clear
mouse_moved until the next motion event arrives. */
void (*mouse_position_hook) ( /* SCREEN_PTR *s,
Lisp_Object *x,
Lisp_Object *y,
Lisp_Object *time */ );
/* When reading from a minibuffer in a different screen, Emacs wants
to shift the highlight from the selected screen to the minibuffer's
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