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* etc/PROBLEMS: Add entry about selection problems under Plasma 5.

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......@@ -1070,6 +1070,28 @@ while, Emacs may print a message:
A workaround is to not use 'klipper'. Upgrading 'klipper' to the one
coming with KDE 3.3 or later also solves the problem.
*** KDE / Plasma 5: Emacs exhausts memory and needs to be killed
This problem occurs when large selections contain mixed line endings
(i.e. the buffer has LF line endings, but in some parts CRLF is used).
The source of the problem is currently under investigation, older
versions of Emacs up to 24.5 just hang for a few seconds and then
return with the message "Timed out waiting for property-notify event"
as described in the previous note. As a workaround, go to the
settings dialog for the Clipboard widget and select the option "Ignore
Note: Plasma 5 has replaced the separate klipper process from earlier
KDE versions with functionality directly integrated into plasmashell,
so even if you've previously did not use klipper this will affect you.
Also, all configuration you might have done to klipper is not used by
the new Clipboard widget / plasmoid since it uses its own settings.
You can hide the Clipboard widget by removing its entry from the
system tray settings "Extra Items", but it's not clear if the
underlying functionality in plasmashell gets fully disabled as well.
At least a restart of plasmashell is required for the clipboard
history to be cleared.
*** CDE: Frames may cover dialogs they created when using CDE.
This can happen if you have "Allow Primary Windows On Top" enabled which
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