Commit 6a55dae2 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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Load term/rxvt if the terminal is actually an

rxvt terminal.
(xterm-rxvt-set-background-mode): Remove, not used anymore.
parent 19292318
2005-07-22 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* term/xterm.el: Load term/rxvt if the terminal is actually an
rxvt terminal.
(xterm-rxvt-set-background-mode): Remove, not used anymore.
* term/rxvt.el (function-key-map): Use substitute-key-definition
to bind {C,S,C-S}-{f1-f10}. Add a few missing key bindings.
......@@ -26,6 +26,13 @@
;;; Code:
;;; rxvt terminals sometimes set the TERM variable to "xterm", but
;;; rxvt's keybindings that are incompatible with xterm's. It is
;;; better in that case to load rxvt's terminal initialization file.
(if (and (getenv "COLORTERM")
(string-match "\\`rxvt" (getenv "COLORTERM")))
(load "term/rxvt")
;;; The terminal intialization C code file might have initialized
;;; function keys F13->F60 from the termcap/terminfo information. On
;;; a PC-style keyboard these keys correspond to
......@@ -359,38 +366,11 @@ versions of xterm."
;; right colors, so clear them.
;; rxvt puts the default colors into an environment variable
;; COLORFGBG. We use this to set the background mode in a more
;; intelligent way than the default guesswork in startup.el.
(defun xterm-rxvt-set-background-mode ()
"Set background mode as appropriate for the default rxvt colors."
(let ((fgbg (getenv "COLORFGBG"))
bg rgb)
(setq default-frame-background-mode 'light)
(when (and fgbg
(string-match ".*;\\([0-9][0-9]?\\)\\'" fgbg))
(setq bg (string-to-number (substring fgbg (match-beginning 1))))
;; The next line assumes that xterm-standard-colors are ordered
;; by the color index in the ascending order!
(setq rgb (car (cddr (nth bg xterm-standard-colors))))
;; See the commentary in frame-set-background-mode about the
;; computation below.
(if (< (apply '+ rgb)
;; The following line assumes that white is the 15th
;; color in xterm-standard-colors.
(* (apply '+ (car (cddr (nth 15 xterm-standard-colors)))) 0.6))
(setq default-frame-background-mode 'dark)))
(frame-set-background-mode (selected-frame))))
;; Do it!
;; If this xterm is actually a disguised rxvt, be more intelligent about
;; determining the background mode.
(and (getenv "COLORTERM")
(string-match "\\`rxvt" (getenv "COLORTERM"))
;; This recomputes all the default faces given the colors we've just set up.
;; arch-tag: 12e7ebdd-1e6c-4b25-b0f9-35ace25e855a
;;; xterm.el ends here
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