Commit 6a608e8e authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(tar-copy): Don't bother with a temp buffer.

parent bacafaf1
......@@ -749,23 +749,10 @@ the current tar-entry."
(size (tar-header-size tokens))
(start (+ (tar-desc-data-start descriptor) tar-header-offset -1))
(end (+ start size)))
(let* ((tar-buffer (current-buffer))
(setq buffer (generate-new-buffer "*tar-copy-tmp*"))
(set-buffer buffer)
(insert-buffer-substring tar-buffer start end)
(set-buffer-modified-p nil) ; in case we abort
(write-file to-file)
(message "Copied tar entry %s to %s" name to-file)
(set-buffer tar-buffer)))
(narrow-to-region 1 tar-header-offset)
(if buffer (kill-buffer buffer)))
(write-region start end to-file))
(message "Copied tar entry %s to %s" name to-file)))
(defun tar-flag-deleted (p &optional unflag)
"*In Tar mode, mark this sub-file to be deleted from the tar file.
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