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Improve the description about the removal of

cp-...-codepage functions.  Describe the removal of the feature
parent 000b06df
2008-02-21 Kenichi Handa <>
* NEWS: Improve the description about the removal of
cp-...-codepage functions. Describe the removal of the feature
2008-02-21 Glenn Morris <>
* NEWS.unicode: Merge into NEWS and remove file.
......@@ -542,12 +542,9 @@ that range have the same value.
** The functions `register-char-codings' and `coding-system-spec'
have been removed.
** Many codepage related functions have been removed. They are:
cp-make-coding-systems-for-codepage, cp-charset-for-codepage,
cp-language-for-codepage, cp-offset-for-codepage,
You don't need them anymore because coding systems created by these
functions are supported from the start now.
** The cpXXX coding systems are now supported automatically. The
functions cp-...-codepage, which you had to use in Emacs 22 to enable
support for these coding systems, have been deleted.
** The function `dired-call-process' has been removed.
......@@ -563,6 +560,24 @@ checking/manipulating elements directly, use the new functions
** `mode-name' is no longer guaranteed to be a string.
Use `(format-mode-line mode-name)' to ensure a string value.
** The feature `devan-util' is removed, and the file devan-util.el
providing the feature is removed. Accordingly the following functions
and variables are removed:
devanagari-consonant, devanagari-composable-pattern,
devanagari-compose-region, devanagari-compose-string,
devanagari-post-read-conversion, devanagari-regexp-of-hashtbl-keys,
devanagari-composition-function, dev-char-glyph,
dev-char-glyph-hash, dev-char-glyph-regexp, dev-glyph-glyph,
dev-glyph-glyph-hash, dev-glyph-glyph-regexp, dev-glyph-glyph-2,
dev-glyph-glyph-2-hash, dev-glyph-glyph-2-regexp, dev-charseq,
dev-glyph-cvn, dev-glyph-space, dev-glyph-right-modifier,
dev-glyph-right-modifier-regexp, dev-glyph-left-matra,
dev-glyph-top-matra, dev-glyph-bottom-modifier, dev-glyph-order,
devanagari-compose-syllable-string, devanagari-compose-syllable-region
These were for displaying Devanagari text with a specific kind of font
in Emacs 22, and not necessary anymore because of OpenType font
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 23.1
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