Commit 6a8935a1 authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

* lisp/pcomplete.el: Remove aliases commented out for 20 years.

parent 6686a315
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......@@ -1311,18 +1311,6 @@ If specific documentation can't be given, be generic."
(pcomplete-read-hosts pcomplete-hosts-file 'pcomplete--host-name-cache
;; create a set of aliases which allow completion functions to be not
;; quite so verbose
;;; jww (1999-10-20): are these a good idea?
;; (defalias 'pc-here 'pcomplete-here)
;; (defalias 'pc-test 'pcomplete-test)
;; (defalias 'pc-opt 'pcomplete-opt)
;; (defalias 'pc-match 'pcomplete-match)
;; (defalias 'pc-match-string 'pcomplete-match-string)
;; (defalias 'pc-match-beginning 'pcomplete-match-beginning)
;; (defalias 'pc-match-end 'pcomplete-match-end)
(provide 'pcomplete)
;;; pcomplete.el ends here
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