Commit 6a936796 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(set-mark-command-repeat-pop): New variable.

(set-mark-command): Only interpret plan C-@ after a pop as a pop
if set-mark-command-repeat-pop is true.
parent e8e6694b
......@@ -3115,6 +3115,13 @@ Display `Mark set' unless the optional second arg NOMSG is non-nil."
(unless nomsg
(message "Mark activated")))))
(defcustom set-mark-command-repeat-pop nil
"*Non-nil means that repeating \\[set-mark-command] after popping will pop.
This means that if you type C-u \\[set-mark-command] \\[set-mark-command]
will pop twice."
:type 'boolean
:group 'editing)
(defun set-mark-command (arg)
"Set mark at where point is, or jump to mark.
With no prefix argument, set mark, and push old mark position on local
......@@ -3147,10 +3154,13 @@ purposes. See the documentation of `set-mark' for more information."
(if arg
(push-mark-command t)))
((eq last-command 'pop-to-mark-command)
((and set-mark-command-repeat-pop
(eq last-command 'pop-to-mark-command))
(setq this-command 'pop-to-mark-command)
((and (eq last-command 'pop-global-mark) (not arg))
((and set-mark-command-repeat-pop
(eq last-command 'pop-global-mark)
(not arg))
(setq this-command 'pop-global-mark)
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