Commit 6a95676c authored by Stefan Kangas's avatar Stefan Kangas

Substitute command keys in display-local-help

* lisp/help-at-pt.el (display-local-help): Pass 'help-echo' property
through 'substitute-command-keys' before displaying to be consistent
with tooltips.  (Bug#37628)

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......@@ -92,13 +92,16 @@ the `kbd-help' property at point. If `kbd-help' does not produce
a string, but the `help-echo' property does, then that string is
printed instead.
The string is passed through `substitute-command-keys' before it
is displayed.
A numeric argument ARG prevents display of a message in case
there is no help. While ARG can be used interactively, it is
mainly meant for use from Lisp."
(interactive "P")
(let ((help (help-at-pt-kbd-string)))
(if help
(message "%s" help)
(message "%s" (substitute-command-keys help))
(if (not arg) (message "No local help at point")))))
(defvar help-at-pt-timer nil
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