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Explain eliminating compiler warnings about undefined variables.

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......@@ -245,6 +245,17 @@ Lisp, so please don't use it in your programs. (Emacs uses such names
only for program-generated buffers.) The users will find Emacs more
coherent if all libraries use the same conventions.
Try to avoid compiler warnings about undefined free variables, by adding
@cdode{defvar} definitions for these variables.
If you bind a variable in one function, and use it or set it in another
function, the compiler warns about the latter function unless the
variable has a definition. But often these variables have short names,
and it is not clean for Lisp packages to define such variables names.
Therefore, you should rename the variable to start with the name prefix
used for the other functions and variables in your package.
Indent each function with @kbd{C-M-q} (@code{indent-sexp}) using the
default indentation parameters.
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