Commit 6aacd4fb authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Use true names for invocation- and source-directory

* src/emacs.c (init_cmdargs) <Vinvocation_directory>:
* src/lread.c (init_lread) <Vsource_directory>: Use true names.
parent c4ecc01a
......@@ -463,6 +463,9 @@ init_cmdargs (int argc, char **argv, int skip_args, char *original_pwd)
if (!NILP (Vinvocation_directory))
if (NILP (Vpurify_flag) && !NILP (Ffboundp (Qfile_truename)))
Vinvocation_directory = call1 (Qfile_truename, Vinvocation_directory);
dir = Vinvocation_directory;
/* If we are running from the build directory, set DIR to the
......@@ -4482,6 +4482,9 @@ load_path_default (void)
init_lread (void)
if (NILP (Vpurify_flag) && !NILP (Ffboundp (Qfile_truename)))
Vsource_directory = call1 (Qfile_truename, Vsource_directory);
/* First, set Vload_path. */
/* Ignore EMACSLOADPATH when dumping. */
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