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Mention `woman'.

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......@@ -953,6 +953,18 @@ expression from that list, are not checked.
** New modes and packages
*** The new package called `woman' allows to browse Unix man pages
without invoking external programs.
The command `M-x woman' formats manual pages entirely in Emacs Lisp
and then displays them, like `M-x manual-entry' does. Unlike
`manual-entry', `woman' does not invoke any external programs, so it
is useful on systems such as MS-DOS/MS-Windows where the `man' and
Groff or `troff' are not readily available.
The command `M-x woman-find-file' asks for the file name of a man
page, then formats and displays it like `M-x woman' does.
*** The new command M-x re-builder offers a convenient interface for
authoring regular expressions with immediate visual feedback.
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