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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -2718,6 +2718,13 @@ should now succeed.
You need to install a recent version of Texinfo; that package
supplies the `install-info' command.
*** Installing to a directory with spaces in the name fails.
For example, if you call configure with a directory-related option
with spaces in the value, eg --enable-locallisppath='/path/with\ spaces'.
Using directory paths with spaces is not supported at this time: you
must re-configure without using spaces.
** First execution
*** Emacs binary is not in executable format, and cannot be run.
2007-03-27 Glenn Morris <>
* complete.el (PC-do-completion): Compute completion-base-size in
the non-filename case, rather than setting to nil.
(PC-lisp-complete-end): New variable.
(PC-lisp-complete-symbol): Use PC-lisp-complete-end to store the
original end in a series of consecutive invocations.
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-mode-hook): Declare it.
* calendar/diary-lib.el (diary-live-p): Do not check for
2007-03-27 Glenn Morris <>
* m/hp800.h: Restore HP-UX support (removed 2007-01-29).
2007-03-26 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* macfns.c (Fx_display_mm_height, Fx_display_mm_width): Scale
......@@ -48,6 +52,11 @@
* intervals.c (merge_properties, intervals_equal):
Use Fplist_member instead of Fmemq to find properties.
2007-03-23 Glenn Morris <>
* unexhp9k800.c: Restore file with clarified legal status.
* m/sr2k.h: Restore since dependency unexhp9k800.c is restored.
2007-03-22 Chong Yidong <>
* widget.c (EmacsFrameSetCharSize): Catch X errors.
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