Commit 6b006006 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Handle problem with *BSD libedit in Tramp

* lisp/net/tramp-sh.el (tramp-sh-extra-args): Add "-noediting" as
bash arg.
(tramp-open-shell):  Provide proper "~/.editrc" if needed.  (Bug#39399)
parent 1759b7d0
......@@ -537,12 +537,13 @@ based on the Tramp and Emacs versions, and should not be set here."
(defcustom tramp-sh-extra-args
'(("/bash\\'" . "-norc -noprofile")
'(("/bash\\'" . "-noediting -norc -noprofile")
("/zsh\\'" . "-f +Z -V"))
"Alist specifying extra arguments to pass to the remote shell.
Entries are (REGEXP . ARGS) where REGEXP is a regular expression
matching the shell file name and ARGS is a string specifying the
arguments. These arguments shall disable line editing, see
This variable is only used when Tramp needs to start up another shell
for tilde expansion. The extra arguments should typically prevent the
......@@ -4103,6 +4104,19 @@ file exists and nonzero exit status otherwise."
vec 5 (format-message "Opening remote shell `%s'" shell)
;; Find arguments for this shell.
(let ((extra-args (tramp-get-sh-extra-args shell)))
;; The readline library can disturb Tramp. For example, the
;; very recent version of libedit, the *BSD implementation of
;; readline, confuses Tramp. So we disable line editing. Since
;; $EDITRC is not supported on all target systems, we must move
;; ~/.editrc temporarily somewhere else. For bash and zsh we
;; have disabled this already during shell invocation, see
;; `tramp-sh-extra-args'. Bug#39399.
(unless extra-args
(tramp-send-command vec "rm -f ~/.editrc.tramp" t)
(tramp-send-command vec "mv -f ~/.editrc ~/.editrc.tramp" t)
(tramp-send-command vec "echo 'edit off' >~/.editrc" t))
;; It is useful to set the prompt in the following command
;; because some people have a setting for $PS1 which /bin/sh
;; doesn't know about and thus /bin/sh will display a strange
;; prompt. For example, if $PS1 has "${CWD}" in the value, then
;; ksh will display the current working directory but /bin/sh
......@@ -4136,6 +4150,9 @@ file exists and nonzero exit status otherwise."
(tramp-shell-quote-argument tramp-end-of-output)
shell (or extra-args ""))
(unless extra-args
vec "test -e ~/.editrc.tramp && mv -f ~/.editrc.tramp ~/.editrc" t))
;; Check proper HISTFILE setting. We give up when not working.
(when (and (stringp tramp-histfile-override)
(file-name-directory tramp-histfile-override))
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