Commit 6b312f0f authored by Dmitry Antipov's avatar Dmitry Antipov
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* marker.c (set_marker_restricted_both): Simplify by using

parent f520ef9b
2012-07-05 Dmitry Antipov <>
* marker.c (set_marker_restricted_both): Simplify by using
2012-07-05 Paul Eggert <>
* editfns.c (region_limit): Simplify by using clip_to_bounds.
......@@ -667,14 +667,8 @@ set_marker_restricted_both (Lisp_Object marker, Lisp_Object buffer, ptrdiff_t ch
if (charpos < BUF_BEGV (b))
charpos = BUF_BEGV (b);
if (charpos > BUF_ZV (b))
charpos = BUF_ZV (b);
if (bytepos < BUF_BEGV_BYTE (b))
bytepos = BUF_BEGV_BYTE (b);
if (bytepos > BUF_ZV_BYTE (b))
bytepos = BUF_ZV_BYTE (b);
charpos = clip_to_bounds (BUF_BEGV (b), charpos, BUF_ZV (b));
bytepos = clip_to_bounds (BUF_BEGV_BYTE (b), bytepos, BUF_ZV_BYTE (b));
/* In a single-byte buffer, the two positions must be equal. */
if (BUF_Z (b) == BUF_Z_BYTE (b)
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