Commit 6b34950f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(pushnew): Use add-to-list when convenient.

parent 62e197b1
......@@ -149,13 +149,20 @@ be a symbol, or any generalized variable allowed by `setf'."
(if (symbolp place) (list 'setq place (list 'cons x place))
(list 'callf2 'cons x place)))
(defvar pushnew-internal)
(defmacro pushnew (x place &rest keys)
"(pushnew X PLACE): insert X at the head of the list if not already there.
Like (push X PLACE), except that the list is unmodified if X is `eql' to
an element already on the list.
\nKeywords supported: :test :test-not :key
(if (symbolp place) (list 'setq place (list* 'adjoin x place keys))
(if (symbolp place)
(if (null keys)
`(let ((pushnew-internal ,place))
(add-to-list 'pushnew-internal x nil 'eql)
(setq ,place pushnew-internal))
(list 'setq place (list* 'adjoin x place keys)))
(list* 'callf2 'adjoin x place keys)))
(defun cl-set-elt (seq n val)
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