Commit 6b463e58 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* xfaces.c (tty_defined_color, merge_face_heights): Now static.

parent c2ed9c8b
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
* xfaces.c (clear_face_cache, Fx_list_fonts, Fface_font): Rename
or move locals to avoid shadowing.
(tty_defined_color, merge_face_heights): Now static.
* terminal.c (store_terminal_param): Now static.
......@@ -1112,7 +1112,7 @@ tty_lookup_color (struct frame *f, Lisp_Object color, XColor *tty_color, XColor
/* A version of defined_color for non-X frames. */
static int
tty_defined_color (struct frame *f, const char *color_name,
XColor *color_def, int alloc)
......@@ -2251,7 +2251,7 @@ set_lface_from_font (struct frame *f, Lisp_Object lface, Lisp_Object font_object
`relative' heights; the returned value is always an absolute height
unless both FROM and TO are relative. */
static Lisp_Object
merge_face_heights (Lisp_Object from, Lisp_Object to, Lisp_Object invalid)
Lisp_Object result = invalid;
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