Commit 6b8504ba authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* notes/unicode: ja-dic.el is now UTF-8.

Fixes: debbugs:13984
parent 19151a7f
2013-03-18 Paul Eggert <>
Automate the build of ja-dic.el (Bug#13984).
* notes/unicode: ja-dic.el is now UTF-8.
2013-03-16 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (manual-pdf, manual-dvi): Pass -I to texi2pdf, texi2dvi.
......@@ -170,11 +170,9 @@ nontrivial changes to the build process.
* japanese-iso-8bit
SKK-JISYO.L is a verbatim copy of a file taken from an external source.
ja-dic.el is generated automatically by skkdic-convert; this process
hasn't been converted to use UTF-8.
It hasn't been converted to UTF-8.
* japanese-shift-jis
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