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2000-11-01 Dave Love <>
* emacs-lisp/elp.el (elp-restore-function): Remove autoload
2000-11-01 Miles Bader <>
* calendar/calendar.el (diary-face, holiday-face): Add
2000-11-01 Dave Love <>
* rfc2047.el (base64): Require unconditionally.
(message-posting-charset): Defvar when compiling.
(rfc2047-encode-message-header, rfc2047-encodable-p): Require
* gnus-sum.el (nnoo): Require.
(mm-uu-dissect): Autoload.
* mml.el (mml-parse-1): Clarify message.
(mml-minibuffer-read-type): Use mailcap-mime-types.
2000-11-01 Stefan Monnier <>
* mml.el: Fix a typo in the requiring of CL.
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