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* lisp/simple.el (shell-command-on-region): Fix docstring.

* lisp/simple.el (shell-command-on-region): Mention REGION-NONCONTIGUOUS-P
in docstring (bug#41440)

* etc/NEWS: Better example for 'windmove-display-default-keybindings'.
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......@@ -956,8 +956,8 @@ displays the buffer from the next command in that window. For example,
'S-M-right C-h i' displays the "*Info*" buffer in the right window,
creating the window if necessary. A special key can be customized to
display the buffer in the same window, for example, 'S-M-0 C-h e'
displays the "*Messages*" buffer in the same window. 'S-M-t C-h C-n'
displays NEWS in a new tab.
displays the "*Messages*" buffer in the same window. 'S-M-t C-h r'
displays the Emacs manual in a new tab.
*** Windmove also supports directional window deletion.
......@@ -3914,7 +3914,12 @@ is used for ERROR-BUFFER.
Optional seventh arg DISPLAY-ERROR-BUFFER, if non-nil, means to
display the error buffer if there were any errors. When called
interactively, this is t."
interactively, this is t.
Non-nil REGION-NONCONTIGUOUS-P means that the region is composed of
noncontiguous pieces. The most common example of this is a
rectangular region, where the pieces are separated by newline
(interactive (let (string)
(unless (mark)
(user-error "The mark is not set now, so there is no region"))
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