Commit 6baa22c1 authored by Karoly Lorentey's avatar Karoly Lorentey
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Fix compilation errors. Regenerate ldefs-boot.el.

* src/frame.c (x_set_screen_gamma, store_frame_param): Fix compilation errors.

* lisp/ldefs-boot.el: Regenerate.

parent f65f7603
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......@@ -2341,8 +2341,6 @@ store_frame_param (f, prop, val)
/* Install the chosen minibuffer window, with proper buffer. */
f->minibuffer_window = val;
return Qnil;
DEFUN ("frame-parameters", Fframe_parameters, Sframe_parameters, 0, 1, 0,
......@@ -3381,9 +3379,9 @@ x_set_screen_gamma (f, new_value, old_value)
if (NATNUMP (index)
&& (XFASTINT (index)
< sizeof (frame_parms)/sizeof (frame_parms[0]))
&& rif->frame_parm_handlers[XFASTINT (index)])
(*(rif->frame_parm_handlers[XFASTINT (index)]))
(f, bgcolor, Qnil);
&& FRAME_RIF (f)->frame_parm_handlers[XFASTINT (index)])
(*FRAME_RIF (f)->frame_parm_handlers[XFASTINT (index)])
(f, bgcolor, Qnil);
Fclear_face_cache (Qnil);
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