Commit 6bc7c7a2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(info-complete): Display completions on second invocation at same point

or if initial guess is already ambiguous.
(info-look-completion): New variable.

Added support for latex-mode, perl-mode, awk-mode, emacs-lisp-mode.
parent aff2ce94
......@@ -194,7 +194,85 @@ REFER-MODES is a list of other help modes to use.")
(lambda (item)
(if (string-match "^\\([a-zA-Z]+\\|[^a-zA-Z]\\)\\( .*\\)?$" item)
(concat "@" (match-string 1 item))))
"`" "'"))))
"`" "'")))
(awk-mode ;;; Added by Peter Galbraith <>
nil ; Don't ignore-case
(("(gawk)Index" ; info node
(lambda (item) ; TRANS-FUNC index-entry-->help-item
;; In awk-mode, we want entries like:
;; * BEGIN special pattern: BEGIN/END.
;; * break statement: Break Statement.
;; * FS: Field Separators.
;; * gsub: String Functions.
;; * system: I/O Functions.
;; * systime: Time Functions.
;; But not:
;; * time of day: Time Functions.
;; ^^^^^^^^^^^ More than one word.
;; However, info-look's info-lookup-make-completions doesn't pass
;; the whole line to the TRANS-FUNC, but only up to the first
;; colon. So I can't use all the available info to decide what to
;; keep. Therefore, I have to `set-buffer' to the *info* buffer.
;; Also, info-look offers no way to add non-indexed entries like
;; `cos' and other gawk Numeric Built-in Functions (or does it?)
;; as in
;; and (which adds a
;; heap of stuff for latex!)
(let ((case-fold-search nil))
((string-match "\\([^ ]+\\) *\\(special pattern\\|statement\\)$"
(match-string 1 item))
((string-match "^[A-Z]+$" item) ;This will grab FS and the like.
((string-match "^[a-z]+$" item)
(set-buffer "*info*")
(if (looking-at " *\\(String\\|I/O\\|Time\\) Functions")
"`" "'"))) ;Append PREFIX and SUFFIX to finetune
; displayed location in Info node.
;; Perl -- Added by Peter Galbraith <>
;; Perl Version 5 Info files are available in CPAN sites, at:
"$?[^ \n\t{(]+"
nil ; Don't ignore-case
(("(perl5)Function Index" ; info node
(lambda (item) ; TRANS-FUNC index-entry-->help-item
(if (string-match "^\\([a-z0-9]+\\)" item)
(match-string 1 item)))
"^" nil)
("(perl5)Variable Index" ; info node
(lambda (item) ; TRANS-FUNC index-entry-->help-item
(if (string-match "^\\([^ \n\t{(]+\\)" item) ;First word
(match-string 1 item)))
"^" nil)))
;; LaTeX -- Added by Peter Galbraith <>
;; Info file available at:
(latex-mode "[\\a-zA-Z]+" nil (("(latex)Command Index" nil "`" nil)))
"[^][ ()\n\t.\"'#]+" nil
(lambda (item)
(if (string-match "[^ ]+" item) ;First word
(match-string 0 item)))
"" "")
("(emacs)Command Index"
(lambda (item)
(if (string-match "[^ ]+" item) ;First word
(match-string 0 item)))
"" ""))))
"*Alist of help specifications for symbol names.
See the documentation of the variable `info-lookup-alist' for more details.")
......@@ -516,7 +594,9 @@ Return nil if there is nothing appropriate."
(or (info-lookup->mode-value topic mode)
(error "No %s completion available for `%s'" topic mode))
(let ((modes (info-lookup->all-modes topic mode))
(start (point)) try completion)
(start (point))
(completion-list (info-lookup->completions topic mode))
try completion)
(while (and (not try) modes)
(setq mode (car modes)
modes (cdr modes)
......@@ -524,13 +604,31 @@ Return nil if there is nothing appropriate."
(goto-char start))
(and (not try)
(error "Found no %s to complete" topic))
(setq completion (try-completion
try (info-lookup->completions topic mode)))
(setq completion (try-completion try completion-list))
(cond ((not completion)
(message "No %s match" topic)
((stringp completion)
(delete-region (- start (length try)) start)
(insert completion)))))
(insert completion)
(if (or (string-equal try completion)
(and (boundp 'info-look-completion)
(= (point) (car info-look-completion))
(equal completion (car (cdr info-look-completion)))))
;; Show completion list
(let ((list (all-completions completion completion-list)))
(with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Completions*"
(display-completion-list list))
(if (member completion list)
(message "Complete but not unique"))))
(setq info-look-completion (list (point) completion)))
(message "%s is complete" topic)))))
(defvar info-look-completion nil
"info-look cache for last completion and point to display completion or not")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'info-look-completion)
(provide 'info-look)
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