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......@@ -1797,6 +1797,10 @@ functionality with aliases for the mldrag functions.
* Lisp changes made after edition 2.6 of the Emacs Lisp Manual,
(Display-related features are described in a page of their own below.)
** Function `delete-frame' runs `delete-frame-hook' before actually
deleting the frame. The hook is called with one arg, the frame
being deleted.
** `add-hook' now makes the hook local if called with a non-nil LOCAL arg.
2000-10-26 Gerd Moellmann <>
* xdisp.c (pos_visible_p): Change current buffer if necessary.
Handle obscured lines at the top of the window.
* frame.c (Fdelete_frame): Doc fix. Move running the hook
down after the last error condition check.
* frame.c (Fdelete_frame): Run delete-frame-hook.
2000-10-26 Kenichi Handa <>
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