Commit 6bca59a3 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(list-buffers-noselect): Use `buffer-menu-buffer' instead of `Buffer-menu-buffer'.

parent 3968c89f
......@@ -63,6 +63,8 @@
* buff-menu.el (buffer-menu-buffer) <defface>: Renamed from
Buffer-menu-buffer. Doc fix.
(Buffer-menu-buffer): Face alias to buffer-menu-buffer.
(list-buffers-noselect): Use `buffer-menu-buffer' face instead of
* info.el (Info-mode-line-node-keymap): New defvar.
(Info-set-mode-line): Use `stringp' to check Info-current-file.
......@@ -796,7 +796,7 @@ For more information, see the function `buffer-menu'."
(int-to-string (nth 3 buffer))
`(buffer-name ,(nth 2 buffer)
buffer ,(car buffer)
font-lock-face Buffer-menu-buffer
font-lock-face buffer-menu-buffer
mouse-face highlight
help-echo "mouse-2: select this buffer"))
" "
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