Commit 6be93a16 authored by Karl Berry's avatar Karl Berry
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one more duplicate word

parent 6bd6c2fa
2009-02-22 Karl Berry <>
* macos.texi (Mac / GNUstep Customization): One more duplicate "the".
2009-02-19 Juanma Barranquero <>
* basic.texi (Moving Point, Position Info):
......@@ -464,7 +464,7 @@ double-clicking a file in the Finder application. By default, Emacs
responds to this event by opening a new frame and visiting the file in
that frame (@code{ns-find-file}), As an exception, if the selected
buffer is the @samp{*scratch*} buffer, Emacs visits the file in the
the selected frame.
selected frame.
You can change how Emacs responds to @key{ns-open-file} by changing
the variable @code{ns-pop-up-frames}. Its default value,
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