Commit 6bfebcda authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(edt-default-emulation-setup): Share global-buffers-menu-map with the

emulated global map.
parent aa0585b0
......@@ -2230,7 +2230,11 @@ Optional argument USER-SETUP non-nil means called from function
(fset 'edt-emulation-on (symbol-function 'edt-select-user-global-map)))
(fset 'edt-emulation-on (symbol-function 'edt-select-default-global-map))
;; We need to share `global-buffers-menu-map' with the saved global
;; keymap, because `menu-bar-update-buffers' directly changes it.
(define-key (current-global-map) [menu-bar buffer]
(cons "Buffers" global-buffers-menu-map)))
(defun edt-user-emulation-setup ()
"Setup user custom emulation of DEC's EDT editor."
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