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(Recognize Coding): Explain how to see what Emacs used to decode a file.

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......@@ -796,7 +796,9 @@ applies to the archive file as a whole.
If Emacs recognizes the encoding of a file incorrectly, you can
reread the file using the correct coding system by typing @kbd{C-x
@key{RET} c @var{coding-system} @key{RET} M-x revert-buffer
@key{RET}}. To see what coding system did Emacs use to decode the
file, look at the coding system mnemonic letter near the left edge of
the mode line (@pxref{Mode Line}), or type @kbd{C-h C @key{RET}}.
@vindex buffer-file-coding-system
Once Emacs has chosen a coding system for a buffer, it stores that
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