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Add "Installing to a directory with non-ASCII characters in the name fails".

parent 3a25d6b3
......@@ -158,7 +158,6 @@ will run it under. For details, see
* Crash bugs
** Emacs crashes in x-popup-dialog.
......@@ -2810,6 +2809,14 @@ with spaces in the value, eg --enable-locallisppath='/path/with\ spaces'.
Using directory paths with spaces is not supported at this time: you
must re-configure without using spaces.
*** Installing to a directory with non-ASCII characters in the name fails.
Installation may fail, or the Emacs executable may not start
correctly, if a directory name containing non-ASCII characters is used
as a `configure' argument (e.g. `--prefix'). The problem can also
occur if a non-ASCII directory is specified in the EMACSLOADPATH
*** On Solaris, use GNU Make when installing an out-of-tree build
The Emacs configuration process allows you to configure the
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