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Mention goto-addr.

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......@@ -976,7 +976,7 @@ means to show the reformatted header, and a zero or negative argument
means to show the full header.
@vindex rmail-highlighted-headers
When used with a window system that supports multiple fonts, Rmail
When used with a terminal that supports multiple fonts, Rmail
highlights certain header fields that are especially interesting---by
default, the @samp{From} and @samp{Subject} fields. The variable
@code{rmail-highlighted-headers} holds a regular expression that
......@@ -992,6 +992,11 @@ highlighting as well. @xref{Faces}, for how to do this.
To turn off highlighting entirely in Rmail, set
@code{rmail-highlighted-headers} to @code{nil}.
@findex goto-addr
URLs in messages may be highlighted and activated for following with the
mouse or keyboard by using the Goto-address package. Customize the hook
@code{rmail-show-message-hook} to add @code{goto-addr}.
@node Rmail Editing
@section Editing Within a Message
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