Commit 6c7bf039 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Avoid crashes in GC due to unescaped characters warning

* src/lread.c (load_warn_unescaped_character_literals): Don't cons
Lisp objects from stack-based variables.  (Bug#26961)
parent 021430f4
......@@ -960,10 +960,10 @@ load_warn_unescaped_character_literals (Lisp_Object file)
if (NILP (Vlread_unescaped_character_literals)) return;
CHECK_CONS (Vlread_unescaped_character_literals);
AUTO_STRING (format,
"Loading `%s': unescaped character literals %s detected!");
AUTO_STRING (separator, ", ");
AUTO_STRING (inner_format, "`?%c'");
Lisp_Object format =
build_string ("Loading `%s': unescaped character literals %s detected!");
Lisp_Object separator = build_string (", ");
Lisp_Object inner_format = build_string ("`?%c'");
CALLN (Fmessage,
format, file,
Fmapconcat (list3 (Qlambda, list1 (Qchar),
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