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(Variable Aliases): Change description of `define-obsolete-variable-alias'.

parent 643b4cf5
......@@ -1736,14 +1736,19 @@ same time using the macro @code{define-obsolete-variable-alias}.
@defmac define-obsolete-variable-alias variable new &optional when docstring
This macro marks the variable @var{variable} as obsolete and also
makes it an alias for the variable @var{new}.
If provided, @var{when} should be a string indicating when
@var{variable} was first made obsolete. The optional argument
@var{docstring} specifies the documentation string for @var{variable}.
If @var{docstring} is omitted or nil, @var{variable} uses the
documentation string of @var{new} unless it already has one of its
makes it an alias for the variable @var{new}. A typical call has the form:
(define-obsolete-variable-alias 'old-var 'new-var "22.1" "Doc.")
@end example
which is equivalent to the following two lines of code:
(defvaralias 'oldvar 'newvar "Doc.")
(make-obsolete-variable 'old-var 'new-var "22.1")
@end example
@end defmac
@defun indirect-variable variable
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