Commit 6cbc22ed authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(wait_reading_process_input): Undo last two changes:

when wait_for_cell, do not check the keyboard.
parent a5fd213f
......@@ -1812,7 +1812,10 @@ wait_reading_process_input (time_limit, microsecs, read_kbd, do_display)
/* Wait till there is something to do */
Available = input_wait_mask;
if (! XINT (read_kbd) && wait_for_cell == 0)
/* We used to have && wait_for_cell == 0
but that led to lossage handling selection_request events:
within one, we would start to handle another. */
if (! XINT (read_kbd))
FD_CLR (0, &Available);
/* If frame size has changed or the window is newly mapped,
......@@ -1891,7 +1894,9 @@ wait_reading_process_input (time_limit, microsecs, read_kbd, do_display)
/* If there is any, return immediately
to give it higher priority than subprocesses */
if ((XINT (read_kbd) || wait_for_cell)
/* We used to do his if wait_for_cell,
but that caused infinite recursion in selection request events. */
if ((XINT (read_kbd))
&& detect_input_pending ())
swallow_events ();
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