Commit 6cbe2e28 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(CHECK): Wrap args in parenthesis.

(specbind): Fix doc: symbol = Qnil is not supported any more.
parent ba3fb063
......@@ -60,9 +60,9 @@ extern void die P_((const char *, const char *, int));
#define CHECK(check,msg) ((check || suppress_checking \
#define CHECK(check,msg) (((check) || suppress_checking \
? (void) 0 \
: die (msg, __FILE__, __LINE__)), \
: die ((msg), __FILE__, __LINE__)), \
/* Let's get some compile-time checking too. */
......@@ -335,7 +335,10 @@ enum pvec_type
/* For integers known to be positive, XFASTINT provides fast retrieval
and XSETFASTINT provides fast storage. This takes advantage of the
fact that Lisp_Int is 0. */
fact that Lisp_Int is 0.
Beware: XFASTINT applied to a non-positive integer or to something
else than an integer should return something that preserves all the
info that was in the Lisp_Object, because it is used in EQ. */
#define XFASTINT(a) ((a) + 0)
#define XSETFASTINT(a, b) ((a) = (b))
......@@ -1691,9 +1694,6 @@ extern void defvar_kboard P_ ((char *, int));
If func is non-zero, undoing this binding applies func to old_value;
This implements record_unwind_protect.
If func is zero and symbol is nil, undoing this binding evaluates
the list of forms in old_value; this implements Lisp's unwind-protect
Otherwise, the element is a variable binding.
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