Commit 6cf02570 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(save-place-limit): New variable.

(load-save-place-alist-from-file): Obey it.
Fix "done" message.
(save-place-alist-to-file): Fix "done" message.
parent 07682ca3
......@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@ value of `version-control'.")
(defvar save-place-loaded nil
"Non-nil means that the `save-place-file' has been loaded.")
(defvar save-place-limit nil
"Maximum number of entries to retain in the list; nil means no limit.")
(defun toggle-save-place (&optional parg)
"Toggle whether to save your place in this file between sessions.
If this mode is enabled, point is recorded when you kill the buffer
......@@ -133,7 +136,7 @@ To save places automatically in all files, put this in your `.emacs' file:
(write-file file)
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
(message (format "Saving places to %s... done." file))))))
(message (format "Saving places to %s...done" file))))))
(defun load-save-place-alist-from-file ()
(if (not save-place-loaded)
......@@ -155,8 +158,26 @@ To save places automatically in all files, put this in your `.emacs' file:
(setq save-place-alist
(car (read-from-string
(buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max)))))
;; If there is a limit, and we're over it, then we'll
;; have to truncate the end of the list:
(if save-place-limit
(if (<= save-place-limit 0)
;; Zero gets special cased. I'm not thrilled
;; with this, but the loop for >= 1 is tight.
(setq save-place-alist nil)
;; Else the limit is >= 1, so enforce it by
;; counting and then `setcdr'ing.
(let ((s save-place-alist)
(count 1))
(while s
(if (>= count save-place-limit)
(setcdr s nil)
(setq count (1+ count)))
(setq s (cdr s))))))
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))
(message (format "Loading places from %s... done." file))
(message (format "Loading places from %s...done" file))
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