Commit 6d0b4fac authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(Faset): Use macro CHAR_BYTES instead of Fchar_bytes.

parent cc531c44
......@@ -1847,8 +1847,7 @@ IDX starts at 0.")
else if (STRING_MULTIBYTE (array))
Lisp_Object new_len;
int c, idxval_byte, actual_len;
int c, idxval_byte, new_len, actual_len;
unsigned char *p, *str;
if (idxval < 0 || idxval >= XSTRING (array)->size)
......@@ -1859,8 +1858,9 @@ IDX starts at 0.")
= MULTIBYTE_FORM_LENGTH (p, STRING_BYTES (XSTRING (array)) - idxval_byte);
new_len = Fchar_bytes (newelt);
if (actual_len != XINT (new_len))
CHECK_NUMBER (newelt, 2);
new_len = CHAR_BYTES (XINT (newelt));
if (actual_len != new_len)
error ("Attempt to change byte length of a string");
CHAR_STRING (XINT (newelt), p, str);
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