Commit 6d216d7f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* log-view.el (vc-diff-internal): Remove unneeded (and incorrect) declaration.

parent 58474503
2012-02-11 Glenn Morris <>
* vc/log-view.el (vc-diff-internal): Remove unneeded declaration.
* window.el (window-sides-slots):
* tool-bar.el (tool-bar-position):
* term/xterm.el (xterm-extra-capabilities):
......@@ -561,9 +561,6 @@ changeset that affected the currently considered file(s)."
to fr)))
(declare-function vc-diff-internal "vc"
(async vc-fileset rev1 rev2 &optional verbose))
(defun log-view-diff-changeset (beg end)
"Get the diff between two revisions.
If the mark is not active or the mark is on the revision at point,
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